What Goes Around, Comes Around
I gave Cassidy a rose to buy forgiveness
And paid handsomely for those that we laid low
The ransom fee couldn't find me a witness
So I bought a one-way ticket to the furthest place I could go

I tried my hand at riding with the James gang
And left my brother Billy on the railroad
But I got bored of living life though a window pane
I played hands with those whose debts that we still owed

Rags to riches, fortune and fame
Burn your bridges and fan the flames
You'll never get to live this down until you end up in the ground
But what goes around, comes around

For 15 years I was minding my own business
In a traveling band with that dustbowl ballad sound
But sometimes I still miss the seasickness
You can read my letters but keep your ear to the ground

And they tell me someone came to my defense
He wasn't one of my family and he wasn't one of my friends
You know it's time that you leave town before the lawmen track you down
What goes around, comes around

Now you may think I've done things against other's wishes
But I promise you that I'm a peaceful man
If you've come here trying to find forgiveness
You better turn around and get out while you still can

Bank notes and gun smoke filling the air
Hangmen with spare rope appearing everywhere
You know it's time that you leave town before they put you in the ground
What goes around, comes around