Fallen Leaves
I'll be waiting for you till the water has no tide
Chokecherry, crabapple watery eyed
I'll be talking to you through the blizzarding snow
When the ice caps melt, girl, then I'll let you know

I was born in the prairies in -35
Struggling for breath but I never felt so alive
I've been living in exile on static time
I've been covered in stars at the meridian line

I'll be thumbing a ride back where the highway hisses
Saving money for a myriad of country fair kisses
Where jet planes trail over shadowy pines
Indian arrowheads and amethyst mines

I'll be on the railroad untying your wrists
Trying to find a place where nothing exists
Now these distant memories are such a long time gone
Sometimes I don't even know how my feet carried me along

How long, how long have I wasted my time?
I'll be waiting here forever for the stars to align

I'll be thinking of you in the those dizzying heights
While I'm swimming drunk naked under northern lights
And I'll follow the Rainy River back to Ontario
Canada, oh Canada now what do I owe?

I've been hayfevered daydreaming of bringing you home
Darling come with me - I won't make it alone
And it won't be long before the whole reel has run
I've been 36 times around the blistering sun

I'll be throwing lit fuses down those old dynamite holes
I'll be turning over the engines in the wrought iron cold
We'll be scratching out a living out of twenties and tens
And I'll be trying to light a fire with a magnifying lens

So if you need me I'll be forever gone
I'll be making up the words as I go along
And when the autumn winds blow through the summer trees
Ill be threading yourself through the fallen leaves